Watch: Juliet Ibrahim recounts how movie producer got “hard” for her on set


Actress, Juliet Ibrahim has recounted in an interview with BBC News Pidgin one of the weirdest moments in her life as an actress.

According to Ms. Ibrahim, her weirdest moment happened on set when a movie producer she was working with at the time, got “hard” at the sight of her.

Juliet revealed that it was no secret the said producer liked her. Whilst filming, Juliet recounted how he grabbed her by the hand and asked her to look down on his crotch and said, “look at what you are doing to me.”

Juliet also spoke about her life growing up in 3 different countries due to war/conflicts.

The 33-year old actress and mother of two has starred in several movies in Nigeria including “30 Days in Atlanta” and “4 Play”.

Watch Interview Below:

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