Radio/TV hasn’t being fair to my brand so I’ve stopped watching/listening-Sista Afia


Ghanaian songstress, Sista Afia has revealed that she is not a big fan of Radio/TV in Ghana because she has faced too much backlash from the media.

According to the “Slay Queen” singer, she feels the media has tarnished her brand hence her decision to stop patronising them and focus on her music.

Speaking in an interview with NEWS-ONE on Friday, the ‘Slay Queen’ singer stated:

“I hardly watch TV and listen to the radio but when I am in town I can hear my songs playing and people are jamming to it. You know sometimes the confidence is not there, but when I see people listening and jamming to songs, I say to myself, damn girl, you need to have some confidence in yourself.

“I think there is too much backlash. I just stopped listening to it because there are too many lies concerning my name and my brand. I do watch it but once in a while but I am not really a fan of TV & radio. My manager listens to the radio and watch the TVs and stuff address it when things come up,” she stated

Sista Afia recently released her new “Queen Solomon” album. Her latest track, ‘Weather’, featuring Medikal and Quamina MP is currently receiving major airplay.

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