Social media trolls are fed with information about celebs from insiders- Gloria Sarfo


Ghanaian actress , Gloria Osei Sarfo has stated that she believes social media trolls are fed with information from ‘insiders’.

Speaking on Afia Pokua’s Vim Talk show on Adom TV last Saturday, Gloria Osei Sarfo said she was convinced people close to celebrities fed the trolls with their private issues.

“I would say that I’m one of the few celebrities who is trolled very much on social media. Inasmuch as sometimes I try to ignore some of the negative comments about my person, as a human being, some of the comments hit me so hard.

“But I have also observed that these trolls are fed with information that you are so very sure that only close people are privy to. 

“For instance, I read some comments on my page and I’m convinced that some people close to me are divulging my personal issues to people to use against me in the name of trolling. That is unacceptable and when I realise that, I will definitely fight back,” she said.

According to Gloria, who came into the limelight through local television series, Efiewura and has starred in movies such as Somewhere in Africa, Friday Night and The Most Beautiful Hour, the fear of competition compels close associates to feed trolls with information about others.

“Most people don’t like competition, they hate to see other people progressing apart from them. This pushes them to feed people with information to hit you because they know what can get to you. 

“But this industry is big for everyone to explore their potentials and from experience, I’m more careful about how I talk about my issues to people now,” she stated.


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