There’s no Ghanaian record label I admire- Feli Nuna


Ghanaian Afro-pop artiste, Feli Nuna has stated that there is not a single record label in Ghana she admires and would love to work with.

According to the “Love me Now” singer, she’s eyeing international record labels including Sony and Universal Music.

Speaking in an interview with SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Feli stated:

“There is no Ghanaian record label, that I admire now, everybody and their own style. You see, you wouldn’t know what’s going on behind the scenes because those times it was even part of mine contract to speak well about my record label, so even though they’ve done something bad, I can’t come on air and say my record label is not doing well…have to say, oh how is your team?…my team is good, they’re doing amazing, we’ve released the video meanwhile things are not being done. So I can’t say, I would like to be in this person’s position or have this record label to work with.”

“I believe in the right time and I believe in God’s path, so at the right time, if it’s a Ghanaian record label that will come, cool, if it’s an international record label, which I want. I want Universal or Sony Music to work with because they have the reach,” she added.

Feli Nuna joined Lynx Entertainment in 2010 but left after year. She has since worked with three different record labels and is now label free.

Feli is currently promoting her “Azuma” song which is making waves on radio.

Watch Feli’s interview Below:

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