“It felt like a new journey had begun”- Adjetey Anang on his vow renewal


Last month, Ghanaians witnessed the beautiful vow renewal ceremony of actor Adjetey Anang and his beautiful wife of 12 years, Elorm Anang.

The beautiful ceremony which was sponsored by the Joy FM Bridal Fair, witnessed family and friends trooping to the International Conference Centre (AICC) to show their love and support.

In recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Adjetey Anang expressed that renewing their vows was an opportunity to make things right.

“It felt like a new journey had begun. For me it was an opportunity to get better. 

“We were given a second chance at a new life, it felt like what we read in books, it felt very special and we are really grateful for the opportunity,” he said.

Comparing their wedding to the renewal of vows, Adjetey said it felt kind of different.

“The first one, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, there was naivete. We felt like individuals but this one felt like a team, there was much more meaning.

“I felt confident and relaxed. This one had our son, Ryan, a new addition to the family, and that made it even more special,” he stated.

On how he feels now, Adjetey said there was nothing major in terms of difference except he had become more meticulous.

“I have become more conscious of little things that I took for granted at home. I am a little more conscious. 

“I am much more balanced in terms of work and home, I hardly go for an event without my wife unless she doesn’t feel up to it. She’s got my back and I have got hers,” he said.

For a renewal of vows that has been done in the public eye, one would think that Adjetey and his wife will be under pressure to have a perfect married life, but he said no. 

“There is no public pressure, just a little pressure from home that I put on myself. There is a daily battle to ensure that there is joy every day. If there is anybody that I have to impress, it is her and not the public.

On her part, Elorm Anang said their renewal of vows was a reflective experience for her. “I got the chance to ask myself is this really what I want? And the answer was a yes, yes, yes. It was a replay of the moment 12 years ago and it felt very special.

“It was a great moment for me and a rethink of a decision I made 12 years ago. It was a rare chance and I am most grateful for the opportunity,” she said.

Asked how it feels like to be married to a celebrity, Elorm said she sometimes forget that her husband is a celebrity. “It’s a normal life except when we step out and people are all over him wanting to take pictures with him.”

“It’s fun because we get to jump queues at the waakye seller’s and we also get a lot of things for free like free upgrades to business class when we travel etc. It’s fun, I am enjoying it,” she said.

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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