I haven’t paid salaries for 7months- Bola Ray reveals why most of his employees left


C.E.O of E.I.B Network and Radio personality, Bola Ray has revealed the circumstances that has led to many of his brightest employees leaving his outfit and seeking jobs elsewhere.

Speaking at the iYES 2019 summit, Bola Ray came clean and revealed that he hadn’t being able to pay his workers for seven months running.

“…2018 for seven months now I haven’t paid salaries. That is why I say I haven’t being totally honest with you. There are many people who are working without salaries.

“In the month of August 2018, I had a lot of people walking away. Yes it was difficult…it got to a point that anyone who walks into my office I say are you resigning?” he revealed.

Bola Ray however stated that he had being able to reduce the number of unpaid salaries to two/three months.

A very optimistic Bola Ray added that this whole setback has taught him one lesson in life, “that there are people in life, on your journey, who will come with you, and stick with you no matter what.

Bola Ray applauded and thanked the faithful and loyal employees whom he calls “the roots” that have stayed with him during the hard times.

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