Watch: Wendy Shay shares intimate details about the hardships she faced growing up


Rufftown records signee, Wendy Shay has shared some personal struggles growing up to justify her “net worth” comment.

In a recent interview that has gone viral, Wendy Shay listed an iPhone and camera as things she has being able to acquire since joining her label.

“I have gotten too many stuff, I can buy the latest iPhone right now, I do have a camera, iPad and all the things that a girl my age would want,” she said in the interview.

Her comment came with a lot of backlash from Ghanaians including actor Prince David Osei who called her “shallow”.

However in an interview with MzGee on Joy News, Wendy Shay revealed that she’s had a tough childhood, hence she doesn’t see it appropriate to flaunt her properties.

“You know, most people don’t know about my upbringing – they don’t know how I started. “I lost my dad at the age of two and half, and my family seized all the properties he left behind so my mum had to start all over again. I didn’t have a great childhood. My mum had to relocate to Germany and hustled her way through before picking me and my sister from Ghana.”

 “I played the role of my mum’s partner and worked hand in hand. My mum got me at the age of 17. She was young so I was like a sister to her, and played a role in decision making in my nuclear family. When I worked, I had to put money on the table to help my mum. It’s not that easy without a father.”

“People think that living in Germany will automatically give you money but that’s not true. Everybody living in abroad can testify. When you live in abroad, you have your own hustle. I had my own hustle.

When I was working as a nurse, if I want to buy a new phone, I have to buy on credit because I wouldn’t have enough to buy. I wouldn’t say buying a phone of my choice is an achievement but the fact that I don’t have to buy on credit. It had always been my dream,” Weny narrated.

Watch the full interview below.

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