My mom called to complain about my big shoes- King Promise


If there’s one thing Musician King Promise loves, it’s his shoes.

The “Bra” hit maker has always gotten Ghanaians talking on social media with the style of shoes he prefers to wear.

However, King Promise has asked Ghanaians to focus on promoting his music and not his shoes.

Speaking in an interview on Happy FM, King Promise revealed how his mother had to call to complain about his shoes because they were causing quite a stir.

“I don’t know why people talk about my shoes. It first started when I went for an award and wore this Balenciaga shoes that I bought. I didn’t know it was going to cause anything until the following morning when it was all over social media; my mum even called to comment that my shoe was too big,” he said.

“Regardless of the sizes, I sometimes wear small ones as well. For me I feel if somebody is to talk about me, it should be my music because that is the most important thing. I feel if I am an artiste and they speak about something else to remember me then it makes me less of an artiste; my music should be the most important thing”. King Promise added.

King Promise is still promoting his maiden album “As Promised” which he released last month.

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