Not a single article has been written to sing my praises ever since I came into the industry- Delay


Radio/TV presenter, Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, has stated her disappointment at how no one is singing her praises and “hyping” her like they do to other presenters in the industry.

According to Delay, it’s been 11 years since she became a presenter and not a single article has been written about how talented she is by any media or blogger.

“I want to say those presenters that bloggers and the media hype and write sweet articles about, ever since I came into the industry no one has written a single article about how talented or how good I am. I know people are waiting for me to die before they hype me.

“But me, I’ve spent 11 years on television, exceeding the hype and reminding the viewers with polite smiles and subtle utterances that I am untouchable,” she said on the Delay show.

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