Watch: Efia Odo tears up as she talks about not knowing her father


Actress and TV host, Efia Odo has revealed that not knowing her father is one of the battles she has to fight daily.

The actress who was on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty, teared up when the question of her dad came up.

According to Efia, she didn’t know her father growing up and it was no fault of his.

“I didn’t have a father in my life. My mum was everything. She moved to America and he was here in Ghana. It hit me when you asked. And I feel bad to talk about him. He wasn’t there and it wasn’t his fault,” she said.

Efia Odo also added that even though she’s in communication with him all the time, it’s difficult for her to open up to him.

“He’s like a stranger. It’s like a battle for me. It’s one of my demons I’m trying to face. I’m spiritually and mentally trying to gather the strength to open up to him,” she added.

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