Watch: I have a crush on Chris Brown- Juliet Ibrahim reveals


Actress and now author of her first book, “A Toast to Life”, Juliet Ibrahim has revealed who her celebrity crush is and you won’t believe it.

Juliet, in an interview on LITV’s ‘ON AIR’ show, opened up about her personal life and revealed who she secretly has a crush on.

I want to date Chris Brown. I don’t know, I like him. I have a crush on him. Why do you want to know my secret? The DMs upon DMs that I don send, e no dey read am.”

“I think if I want to meet him, it’s very easy. I know people that know him sort of. But, I just have a crush on him, so it’s not like… But if he comes, we’ll go on that date oh,” she added.

Juliet also revealed that despite her “bad relationships” in the past, she’s still open for love.

Juliet also talked about some personal experiences which she shared for the first time in her book.

Juliet’s “A Toast to life is selling at 100 cedis per copy and be purchased via this link:

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