Mzbel narrates how she slept in a room meant for dead bodies for 3 years


What would you do if you found out the room you were sleeping in was meant to store dead bodies? Well that was the plight of singer, Mzbel during her days in high school.

According to the mother of one, she and her friend had to look for a place to stay after they were kicked out of the boarding house for inviting male friends to the female dormitory.

Speaking on the “Atuu” show with Abeiku Santana, Mzbel revealed that the room was given to them for free by the caretaker and little did they know it was a funeral home.

“Helen and I never knew it was a funeral home and our room was the final place for dead bodies. The landlady never told us. We always felt like there was something in the room and we only got to find out in the last days of our school. Even the bodies were kept on the mattress she gave us,” Mzbel said.

Mzbel added that they felt something wasn’t right after failing to catch any sleep in the room after a couple of days.

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