#XenophobicAttacks: Yvonne ChakaChaka cries out of daughter’s store gets looted


Celebrated South African singer and songwriter Yvonne Chaka Chaka has cried after her daughter’s shop got looted following the xenophobic attacks against other Africans living in South Africa.

The “Thank You Mr DJ” singer shared a photo of the scene on her Instagram and vented her frustration on what was happening in her country.

 “I am dumbfounded, confused, frustrated and I’ve lost faith. People protesting broke into my daughter’s shop and looted. All in the name of foreigners must leave SA. No man is an island, my fellow brothers and sisters, we all need each other. Too much lawlessness. Mr. President do something. Mr Cele do something. Girls are dying Children are dying women are dying. On the other hand we are fighting our African brothers What is this world coming to. Life has become so cheap no respect for life and for one another. God have mercy,” she wrote.

See Photos Below:

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