I haven’t retired from acting, there aren’t good stories to tell- Luckie Lawson


Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Luckie Lawson stated that she has paused on acting because there aren’t any good stories to tell.

According to the owner of “Luckie’s Place”, all the stories that come up are recycled, hence the need to turn them down.

’I want to tell our story and our truth. I have not retired from acting but I only accept good movies. I am not looking for fame but I want to tell a good story. I don’t want to people to misconstrued my position but I am seeking and tired of telling the same old story over and over again. I need good stories,” she said in an interview with  Fiifi Pratt on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm

Luckie Lawson also added that she’s willing to work for free on good projects.

“We sometimes work on projects that are good without being paid. If you have a good story and cannot pay, I will shoot for you. If you have a good story and you cannot afford to pay me,’’ I will shoot,’’ she added.

Veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, who was in the studio with her reiterated the fact that there were no good stories to tell.

‘’some of the scripts that come to us are not well written,” he added.

He however indicated that unlike Lucky, he is never going to work for free.

‘’you have to tell the person to appreciate your efforts and so I do not do it for free’,” he stated.

Lucky Lawson has taken a break to focus on her thriving restaurant business. Her restaurant, “Luckie’s Place” is a hit on social media.

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