Kevin Hart sued by sex tape partner for #$60 million


Kevin Hart’s sex tape partner claims heconspired with a friend to secretly record their encounter, and now she’s suing him for $60 million.

Montia Sabbag claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, her 2017 encounter with Hart in a Vegas hotel room was all planned by Hart and J.T. Jackson — his friend who later was arrested for extortion. She says Hart was motivated by publicity … the need to get more — especially with an upcoming comedy tour — and that’s why he and JT allegedly hid the camera.

The suit claims Hart allowed Jackson into the Cosmopolitan Hotel suite so he could set up hidden video recording devices to capture the liaison. Jackson was later charged with 2 counts of extortion relating to alleged efforts to get money out of Hart to keep the tape under wraps. Jackson denied ever extorting the comedian.

Hart has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the recording … claiming he, too, was a victim of Jackson’s extortion attempts. You’ll recall Hart later apologised for his infidelity and was adamant nobody should profit off his mistake.

Kevin and Sabbag got up close and personal while partying at Marquee nightclub in Vegas. Sabbag, who back in September 2017 said she’s a crime victimherself, is suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

Montia Sabbag stood by attorney Lisa Bloom‘s side as Bloom stated their case, that Kevin had no idea their sexual liaison was being secretly filmed in a Las Vegas hotel suite. Bloom also made Sabbag’s position clear she didn’t want a cent from Kevin, rather she wanted to hunt down the perpetrator and bring him to justice.

Our sources say a subsequent lawyer for Sabbag — her third — recently made a secret financial demand to Kevin … asking for “low six figures,” and Kevin’s lawyer rejected it and didn’t offer a penny.

TMZ broke the story … that lawyer who now reps Sabbag has filed a $60 million law suit against Hart and J.T. Jackson — Kevin’s former friend who was arrested for and charged with extortion.

So, now Sabbag has turned on Kevin, saying he was in on it so he could get more publicity — strange, since even back then Kevin was one of the biggest movie stars in the world and the last thing he needed was media attention over cheating.

What’s more … sources with first-hand knowledge tell TMZ, Kevin has been working with the District Attorney for 2 years on the case. It seems odd he’d be so involved if he was secretly one of the perpetrators. As one source put it, “Kevin is working with the D.A. a lot because J.T. f**ked him over.”

We’re told Kevin, who is recovering from horrific injuries as a result of his car crash, will not pay Sabbag a penny. There will be no settlement.

Source: TMZ

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