Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: 8 mistakes to avoid


Weddings are a lot of fun, you get to eat good food for free, have all the drinks/alcohol you can, and dance alongside friends you haven’t seen in a long time. It is also a very important day in the lives of the bride and groom and their families. Hence, as a guest, it is important to make the day as smooth sailing as possible for the couple.

We are all aware of the excitement you get once a wedding invite hits your inbox, however, do not let the excitement cloud your sense of judgement and push you to make the following mistakes.

Here is a list of wedding etiquettes to guide you to becoming the perfect guest.

  1. Do not share wedding invitations that were sent to you on social media.

Once a wedding invite has been sent to you, it is for you and you only. Avoid sharing the wedding invite on social media and inviting other people. However, if the couple who’s wedding you’ve been invited to decide to share their wedding invitation on social media, then it will be okay for you to do so too.

2. Pay attention to the dress code.

It is called a “dress code” for a reason. Be the perfect guest by turning up to the wedding in the right outfit. You do not want to be underdressed or overdressed. If the bride wants you to turn up in a specific colour, do it.

3. Be on time.

“Arriving in style” is not the perfect thing to do at a wedding. Do not have any intentions of grabbing everyone’s attention by arriving late to the wedding. Arriving late to a wedding can be distracting and you wouldn’t want to take the spotlight from the couple.

4. Bringing an uninvited plus one.

Weddings are heavily budgeted. So, if you were not asked to bring a plus one, please do not come with one.

5. Don’t wear white.

If you are attending a Christian wedding and the bride is wearing white, please don’t turn up in the same colour. Muslim weddings can be a bit different, but the rules still apply. No white!

6. Comparing and criticising details.

Nobody wants to hear your opinion about decor or the bride’s outfit at a wedding. Keep your opinions to yourself.

7. Turn off your phone or put it on silent.

Especially at a church wedding, please try as much as possible to put your phone on silent. Nobody wants to hear your Shatta Wale ringtone whilst the couple are reciting their vows. Same applies to Muslim weddings.

8. Stay out of the photographer’s way.

This is very important. The photographer is there to capture memories of a beautiful day. Do not be a distraction by standing in his way. No one is interested in the photos you are capturing with your phone., they won’t make it to the couple’s wedding album.

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