Posing nude helped my brand- Ben Brako


A couple of months ago, Ghanaians woke up to nude photos of veteran highlife musician Ben Brako circulating on the internet.

Even though many opined that this move could damage his hard earned reputation and brand, Ben Brako seems to differ as he has revealed in a recent interview that posing nude helped make his brand soar.

In an interview on The Gist with MzGee, the 60 year old musician stated:

 “I wasn’t so surprised some people will use this as an opportunity to insult you and tell you who your mother is and all that, there are crazy people around.”

“It helps my brand to the sense that it strengthens what I stand for, people realize that I was serious about what I stood for,” he added.

The “Mawie” singer also revealed that some people actually “worship” his nude photos and have requested for copies.

I cannot account for people without taste, I can tell you that they are people who almost worship those pictures…and they ask me for copies. They ask me to commercialize it but I’m refusing it as at this stage,” he added.

Watch The Gist with MzGee Below:

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