15 images that will remind you of your childhood


When you’re a child, everything is different and innocent and some things that happen to you will forever remain unforgettable.

You are lucky if you remember those moments from your childhood, but if you don’t, I have collected the following images to remind us of some of the amazing things we owned, used and played with as kids.

Does any of the images below look familiar?

  1. This guy stayed on the front pages of all our exercise books. We still don’t know his name till date.

2. This was the most famous treat from our childhood. This large box of biscuits was good enough for an entire household. Don’t you miss the salty taste?

3. In a country where “Dumsor” is a frequent occurrence, these bad boys lit our rooms. They were also a “watchman’s” favourite.

4. You haven’t experienced poverty if you never had to use fire and a knife to mend your torn slipper.

5. Nokia Nokia Nokia! Anyone who had this phone was on top of the world. With a long lasting battery, there’s nothing you couldn’t do with this phone.

6. This box iron has helped a lot of students look presentable for school. All the designs we could do with our uniforms, sigh!

7. This hair pomade was believed to be a miracle worker.

9. This was the “iPod” back then. I can promise you that some of the songs on this MP3 player included Chris Brown’s “With You” and Keysha Cole’s “Sent from Heaven”.

10. This mathematical set was never complete for a lot of people. We always kept loosing one or two instruments from it.

11. I don’t know what they used to manufacture these pens because they always ended up in our mouths and ended up looking like this.

12. I still don’t understand why we had to chew this part of the pencil to look like this.

13. Crayons. The things we drew with these colours.

14. Every little girl sat through hours and hours of braiding with this thread.

15. And this was probably the only game we had growing up.

16. The pleasure from sucking from these plastics was indescribable.

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