#Pics: Woman gives birth in the middle of Dambai road


A distressed woman in labour gave birth to her baby in the middle of the road in Dambai in the Oti Region.

The woman, who was being carried on a motorcycle to a nearby clinic with her husband, stopped in the middle of the road where she had her baby.

Lucky for her, two health officers, Rita Wurapa and Rose Ayivor who were on a monitoring trip to Dambai and Nkwanta encountered the scene and rushed to help her deliver.

A crowd started to gather around the screaming mother, first-time mother and helpless husband but no one could offer any help until the two health officer chanced on the incident.

In the middle of the street, they delivered the woman of the baby after marshalling women standing by to form a screen with their clothing.

The mother and the newly born baby were later sent to the hospital. Both of them are doing very well. 

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