My mum supports me with prayers even though she has never attended any of my concerts- Fancy Gadam


‘King of the North’, Fancy Gadam, has revealed at that his mom was not in support of his music career from the onset

According to Fancy Gadam, his mom made sure to contact every single person who could be of help to him and asked them not to.

“My mum went to sound engineers and friends who she knew could help my music career and told them never to help me. I don’t know how she was able to find out who wanted to help me, but she always managed to get that information.

“I had to lie most of the time about my whereabouts before I managed to start music professionally. It has not been easy getting this far,” he told Graphic Showbiz on Monday.

Fancy Gadam however, added that she has had a change of heart and supports him with prayers now.

“It is unfortunate my mother has never attended any of my concerts before. There had been a couple of times I personally invited her to my shows but she never turned up. Before I attend any concert, she prays with me. I believe I have made her proud with the achievements I have chalked up over the years,” he added.

Fancy Gadam is currently on a media tour promoting his “Dream” album after pulling thousands of fans to the launch at the Tamale Sports stadium last Saturday.

“I don’t give my fans anything but my humility does the magic. I almost cancelled the Dream album concert because of the heavy rains but I was amazed at the huge turnout. Sometimes I ask myself what I have done to deserve this love. Most of my concerts are paid for, yet my fans never disappoint me,” he said.

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