Sarkodie has a “wishy-washy brain”- Shatta Wale


Award-winning Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has expressed his dislike for the kind of lifestyle rapper, Sarkodie chooses to portray, describing him as a person with a wishy-washy brain who lives a “lie life”.

According to the “My Level” hitmaker, he doesn’t harbour any dislike for the BET winner, he just dislikes how he portrays himself in the industry.

“I don’t dislike him. He’s a very good guy that I really was close to sometime ago but I think he has a wishy-washy brain. He thinks to be in the industry you have to live a certain kind of life. That is not my life, I don’t believe in portraying a lie life to somebody…And those are the lie lives they live in the industry that I feel like no, don’t let us live a lie life for the next generation to copy and feel this is the life. There is a life that we need to tow because you’re not going to be Sarkodie forever,” Shatta said in an exclusive interview on Good Evening Ghana with Paul Adom-Otchere.

The self acclaimed “Dancehall king” further added that the hypocritical nature of some top musicians in the country caused their downfall. Citing Samini as an example, he added:

“Gone are the days we were talking about Samini but nobody is talking about Samini now and I feel so bad. That is a legend. Samini tried to put Ghana on the map but people used him so much that he wasn’t aware. Now he’s aware of it. Samini was a great musician but if most musicians like him will come out and tell the story about the industry and how it goes like, people like Sarkodie and people you’re mentioning wouldn’t be behaving like the way they’re behaving in the industry”.

Shatta also believes sharing failures and successes alike with fans will make them more likeable.

“I know it’s sad and it’s bad because people will feel like if I come and say this, it’s a disgrace but I always tell people there’s always grace in disgrace. So when you go through something share it. Me, I share my life story with my fans, that’s why they love me so much but Samini who was there that we all know was there, now no more,” he added.

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