Wiyaala advises the youth to stay home and make use of opportunities here


Ghanaian Afro-pop singer, Wiyaala has advised young people to stay home and make use of the opportunities here rather than travel abroad to seek greener pastures.

According to the “Lioness of Africa,” being optimistic and putting the same effort into working back at home can equally lead you to achieve greater heights.

‘Europe, USA and even Accra are not all that they are made out to be. I’ve seen many young Africans struggling to survive. It’s a myth to think of these places outside as the promised land.

“Young people, especially females who seem to face more problems than the boys, need to work harder and realize that the same energy you use in the big city or going outside you could also use in your regions and towns. There are huge opportunities coming in farming and tourism,” she said in an interview on 3FM Drive Time with Giovani Caleb.

Wiyaala also disclosed how her Gala Concert in the UK raised significant funds for Teach2Teach, an NGO which trains unemployed SHS leavers to teach basic education to children in deprived communities in Northern Ghana.

According to her, this initiative will help reduce youth unemployment and improve primary school education in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

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