Girlush Naturals: the whipped shea butter that everyone’s talking about


For decades, we have ignored the many uses of one of Ghana’s finest oils, shea butter. However, in recent times, the many healing and anti-inflammatory properties has made shea butter one of the most sought after oils in the world.

Due to the upsurge in the demand of Shea butter, several brands have sprung up in Ghana, some of which have crossed over to the international market.

Today however, we are going to focus on a young brand, Girlush Naturals, which after just a couple of months in the market, is gaining popularity in the hearts of shea butter lovers.

Owned by Nora Akemson Avicor, a native from the Northern part of Ghana, Girlush Naturals is a home owned company who’s main focus is to make shea butter as likeable as possible.

Shea butter is not new to Nora, having grown up in the Northern part of Ghana, she’s very familiar with the oil. Her decision to make a brand out of it however came after receiving several compliments about the skin of her two beautiful daughters. Nora uses nothing but raw shea butter for their hair and skin. She therefore decided to share her secret to the rest of the world.

Taking into consideration the many concerns of users about it’s hard nature, Nora came up with a solution, by whipping the raw natural shea butter with essential oils ranging from lavender, tea tree, vitamin e, coconut, and castor oil. Customers who have purchased whipped shea butter from Nora have described it as “ice cream,” due to how fluffy and smooth it looks.

What makes Girlush Naturals shea butter different from the others? It is made with love right from the home of Nora in small quantities. Nora takes her time to make one perfect batch before making another.

Girlush Naturals whipped shea butter is made for both the skin and hair and can be gotten for as little as 30 cedis for 200 grams.

Nora continues to expand her fast growing brand by introducing a new product, Lip balms made from shea butter for soft, healthy and shinny lips.

As one of the users of Girlush naturals’ whipped shea butter, I can confidently vouch for this amazing product and encourage you to try it and thank me later. And oh, she’s having a discount sale starting on the 24th of October so rush and get yours.

Girlush Naturals also has raw unrefined shea butter for sale.

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