#Throwback: Nollywood actresses we grew up loving


Nollywood has been one of the vibrant movie industries since time immemorial. Film-makers in Nigeria, although largely divided along regional, ethnic and religious lines, have managed to build the film industry into a million-dollar one.

Nollywood has produced some of the greatest actors West Africa can boast of, some of which have made strides in the international market.

But before Nollywood got to where it is, there were some actors/actresses who’s talent made it what it is today.

These actresses made our childhood very interesting with mind-boggling performances. They played major roles that a lot of people could relate to, making them some of Nollywood’s favourites.

In this post, we take a look at these actresses who’s names cannot go unpronounced when Nollywood is mentioned.

  1. Patience Ozokwo: Known as “Mama Gee,” Patience played the role of an “evil” woman so well that fans felt she was “evil” in person. Patience’s roles in movies varied from an evil mother-in-law to a witch. Patience has played mother to almost every actor in Nollywood. She’ll forever be remembered as one of the major faces of Nollywood

2. Liz Benson: Liz won our hearts when she starred in “Fortunes,” a television soap opera. However, her role in the movie “Glamour Girls,” changed the game for her and movie lovers. Liz quit the movie scene shortly after her warming her way into people’s hearts.

3. Ebele Okaro: Playing almost every role in movies, Ebele has gone from a queen mother, to just a mother. Her role in “Egg of Life” may be her most famous one yet.

4. Ngozi Ezeonu : she established firmly in the hearts of Nollywood lovers when she starred alongside Liz Benson in the movie “Glamour Girls.” Since then, she has gone on to feature in over 150 movies playing major roles.

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5. Eucharia Anunobi: from Glamour Girls, Abuja Connection to many others, Echaria has proven time without number she’s the “baddest chic” in Nollywood movies. Playing roles ranging from a prostitute to a mother, Echaria made her fans fall in love with her tough nature.

6. Stella Damasus: Her claim to fame was in the movie “Breaking Point.” Stella’s well known for playing a good Christian house-wife. Her mild and forgiving nature played in movie roles made her one of Nollywood’s favourites.

7. Clarion Chukwura: known for playing rich, wealthy, and flamboyant characters, Clarion secured her place in Nollywood in the movie “Forbidden Choice.” Clarion’s interpretation of roles made a contender in the industry.

8. Genevieve Nnaji: still reigning as one of Nollywood’s queens, Genevieve gained her rightful spot in the hearts of movie lovers as a child actress in the then-popular television soap opera “Ripples.” Her roles in “Last Party,” “Mark of the Beast,” and “Ijele” are still considered to be her best performances yet. Genevieve continues to make strides in the industry producing her first international film, “Lion Heart” which was bought by Netflix.

9. Oge Okoye: Oge’s versatility made her one of the most sought after actresses in Nollywood. She embodied a wide range of roles – from a reverend sister to a girl of easy virtue. Her role in the movie “Blood Sisters” is her best one yet.

9. Ebube Nwagbo: her role in the popular movie “Widows cult” will forever be imprinted in the minds of Nollywood lovers. Ebube was reportedly paid a huge sum of 7million Naira to shave her hair in order to embody the role.

10. Ini Edo: her beauty may have caught the eyes of Nollywood lovers, however, her role in popular movie “Worlds Apart” shot her to fame. Ini Edo has featured in over 100 movies since her big break and continue to remain one of Nollywood’s reigning queens.

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11. Mercy Johnson: the only thing that comes to mind when the name Mercy Johnson is pronounced is versatility. Mercy has proven to Nollywood lovers time without number that she can play whatever role is given her. From her roles in popular movies, “Area Mama,” “A cry for justice,” “Hustlers,” and “Dumebi the dirty girls,” Mercy has lived it all.

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