10 Female Ghanaian celebrities who are living their lives unapologetically


Being a celebrity can be fun. The wealth, public adoration, and the many doors that fame opens for you can be very tempting. However, this means your life isn’t your own, your every single move, from going for a walk, to the gym, appearing on the red carpet or hanging out with family, is highly monitored with very wide camera angles. You also become very vulnerable because your life and every move is criticised by millions of people, and when you’re a woman, it can be harder.

The following female celebrities in Ghana have had their fair share of both love and hatred for simply being themselves. Their every move have been criticised heavily by their many followers. This has however, not stopped them from living their truth and doing what brings them the most peace.

  1. Lydia Forson

Originator of the word, “Unapologethick,” Lydia has proven to be one of the many celebrities in Ghana with the toughest skin. Her outspoken nature alongside her stance as a die-hard feminist has made her a target of Internet trolls. Lydia has been criticised all round for her choice of clothes and what she chooses to do with her body. However, the award-winning actress continues to prove to us daily that she’s her own critic and none of what people say matters. Lydia is living her life, securing the bag and doing so, unapologetically.

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2. Efia Odo

The young actress has faced and heard it all from Ghanaians. If she were faint hearted, she probably would have ended her life because of the constant trolling she receives on social media. Efia Odo has been criticised for owning her sexuality and living life on her own terms. She has been called several bad names, but none of this has stopped her from living her life and looking stunning whilst doing it.

3. Moesha Bodoung

From being tagged as a “prostitute” and called several names for living her life, Moesha has seen and heard it all from Ghanaians, she recently faced the wrath of Ghanaians after admitting in a BBC interview with Christine Amanpour that she dates married men because the economy is hard. She too has had her fair share of internet trolls questioning her every move. This has however, not stopped the actress and socialite from living her best life.

4. Sister Deborah

Sister Derby loves a good bikini and isn’t afraid to show off her curves. This however seems to be a problem for many Ghanaians who think a “good woman” should cover up. She also faced a lot of criticism for dating a guy (Medikal) who was way too younger than her. None of this negativity has stopped the singer from doing what makes her happy.

5. Sandra Ankobiah

There are so many questions that Ghanaians have for the lawyer. For instance, if she really practices as a lawyer, who she’s dating, whether she has enhanced her body, where she gets all the money to afford all the finest things in life and who sponsors her many trips around the world. Sandra has however stayed quiet, and once again proving that you don not have to explain yourself to anybody. She stays winning and living, unapologetically.

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6. Nana Aba Anamoah

Despite being one of the most successful broadcasters of our time, Nana Aba cannot catch a break from Ghanaians. The ace broadcaster continues to face multiple trolls day in day out on social media. Nana Aba seems to be very content with her life, but some Ghanaians feel she needs a man to complete it. She has faced several controversies in relation to her son whom she had at a very early age. Nana Aba, however, continues to live her life, unapologetically.

8. Jackie Appiah

After surviving a failed marriage, Jackie Appiah stuck to doing what’s best for her. The A-list actress has kept her life very private whilst traveling the world and Landing major roles in several movies. Jackie continues to remain unfazed about the fact that she’s about to clock 40 and still single. Her many trips around the world and designer clothes prove that she’s living her best life.

9. Salma Mumin

The actress has faced her own share of controversies. Recently, she was reported to have had her butt enhanced. Despite keeping her private life private, she has been linked to movie producer Kofi Asamoah. Salma has remained classy and only said a few words in relation to the issues. In her own words, “You are going to piss off a bunch of people when you start doing what’s best for you.” Salma is enjoying her life as an actress, and a businesswoman and looks bomb doing it.

10. Hajia 4 Real (Mona)

The socialite came into the limelight after series of controversies. She was reported to be the ex-girlfriend of contractor and businessman Kennedy Agyapong. Mona however, survived all the scandals and has managed to keep living without having time to explain herself to anybody. Now a mother of a young beautiful girl, the socialite has set up a new business whilst traveling around the world and living her best life.

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