I’m here to make my mark and cyber-bullies won’t stop me- Wendy Shay


Rufftown Records signee and Best New Artist 2019, Wendy Shay is one of the artistes in Ghana who continues to suffer from cyber-bullying day in day out.

Even though most of the negative comments from people on social media always focus on her looks and talent, Wendy has revealed that people only attack her because they think she’s got something to give.

“I think people attack me because my fire is too hot and my style is too big so definitely I’ll get people throwing things at me. People wouldn’t throw stones at unripped mangoes,” Wendy Shay said Tuesday, in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

“I have people that understand me and believe in me. I do believe in myself. I’m not gonna let anybody bring me down,” Wendy Shay added.

The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker also admitted to learning from some of the criticisms she has faced. Referencing the backlash she got from her photo with former President John Kufuor, she said,

“I am somebody when I make mistakes I don’t brush them off. People were right when they said that the outfit [I wore] was wrong for the occasion.”

Despite all the daily backlash, Wendy says she is committed to her purpose which is to make her mark in the industry.

“I came from Germany to Ghana to do something. I won’t go back empty-handed until I make my mark. I love Afrobeat and I want to sell it to the world,” she added.

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