Watch: Blogging standards have fallen over the years- Linda Ikeji


Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji is visiting Ghana for the first time and in an interview with Citi FM’s AJ Sarpong today, stated that standards in blogging have fallen in recent times.

According to Ms. Ikeji, blogging has become very easy because of access to social media.

“The standards have fallen because now everybody has a platform. Just like 20 years ago if you wanted anything put out, you go to the Ox Magazine or People or Hello. Or if you just give birth to a child, they can sell your pictures but now you can put it on Instagram, nobody really cares about that anymore,” she told host, AJ.

“Now everybody has a platform and they feel they can write anything about anybody and they will get people to criticize and troll,” she added.

Speaking on the Nigerian government’s plan to regulate blogging in Nigeria, the mother of one stated that it will be difficult to regulate what people do in the cyberspace.

She also advised people on social media to develop a thick skin against what bloggers write about them.

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model.

She is currently in Ghana to speak and mentor bloggers at the Ghana Bloggers Summit organised by Avance Media.

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