Watch: I’m not single, marriage is just such an interesting area for me- Nana Aba Anamoah


Ace broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah has revealed that she’s not single contrary to what people think.

According to her, ‘some very lucky man’ is dating her.

The outspoken journalist made this revelation in an interview with Kwaku Sintim Misa on his ‘KSM’ show this weekend.

“…I’m not single though. Some lucky man. He should consider himself lucky. I know he’ll be watching and I know he’ll text me and say don’t be silly but yes I am not single,” she told KSM.

She continued: “marriage is such an interesting area for me. I get people asking me who are you going to get married and I’m like when are you dying. This is a question you ask everybody. If we all had the opportunity, we’ll all be married, if we all had the opportunity we’ll all be Bill Gates, we’ll all be Dangote. God has a plan for every single person.”

Nana also threw a challenge to the public to come up with a Bible verse that states every person, man/woman should get married.

” I want somebody to pull up any part of the Bible that says every woman must get married or every man must get married. I don’t know if it is there, if marriage happens, fine,. There are people who are married but very single,” she added.

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