Newly married couple commits suicide over $69k wedding debt


Two families in Kisumu in Kenya are mourning their two children who together committed suicide four days after their beautiful wedding.

According to sources, the newly married couple allegedly killed themselves because of the huge debt they incurred after their wedding.

Mr and Mrs Odipo left a note that they were stressed and strained because the beautiful wedding they had, left them with a debt of Ksh 7.9 million (approximately 69,633 dollars) .

In the letter, they also stated that they could not go to honeymoon as planned. They blamed those who attended their wedding of coming only to feast with no gifts.

“We are embarrassed and ashamed that we could not start our new life in happiness because you people did not make us happy as we expected,” the letter read.

A family member who spoke to The Daily Statesman said the wedding was held in a five-star hotel but declined to mention the hotel’s name.

She also revealed that 90 % of those invited were special guests VVIPs and VIPs pointing out the two couples used to brag how their guests will bring gifts in millions of cash money.

She also said three choppers were hired; one for each family & another for the couple.

A neighbour to the husband said he once told him during the wedding preparation that he will use all his savings to finance the wedding since his guests are millionaires who will each come with sh1.5 million.

He added that those who attended the wedding only brought flowers & Best of Luck cards.


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