University of Ghana Will Hopefully Start MMA Sports Soon – Bubba Jenkins


American Mixed Martial Artiste Bubba Jenkins was in Ghana a few weeks ago who touched down in Ghana some few weeks back to get in touch with his roots and also help promote the MMA sport in Ghana.

As part of the promotion of the sport and in accompany of Yaw Sakyi, the renowed basketball promoter in Ghana, Bubba Jenkins met with the University of Ghana Sports Directorate. The meeting was to see how best the MMA sporting discipline, can harness talents from the tertiary level. 

The response from the meeting was very positive, the only negative was the fact that there aren’t readily logistics to set the ball rolling for this project. Since it is also a curriculum, there would be the need to introduce it as one of the sporting activities of the school. Aside these, it would be very possible for MMA to be one of the sporting activities sportsmen and women can consider. 

Mr Jenkins plans to institute a competitive arena of fighters from Ghana who would be groomed for the international market. He is also willing to expose these talents to achieve their potential professionally. Gradually this initiative would get to the doors of other universities in the country as he is in talks with the various Universities’ Director of sports.

Bubba Jenkins’ record as an MMA fighter is 14 wins. 6 of his wins came by Knockout, 3 came by submission and 5 came by way of unanimous decision. 

Source: Fenuku Augustine

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