Cut female entertainers some slack, they work their butts off for their wealth- Mimi Andani Michaels


Former singer and now Director of ‘Golden Movie Awards,’ Mimi Andani Michaels has expressed her displeasure at Ghanaians who ‘disrespect’ female entertainers in the country.

According to her, female entertainers work their asses off only to be called all sorts of names by the public.

In an Instagram post, Mimi queried:

“I don’t understand why Ghanaians just don’t want to honour or respect our celebrities. Can someone tell me why? Aah, you call your celebrities all sorts of names! Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Why do you disrespect them so much? Why? What did they do to you? Are you JEALOUS? I seriously don’t get it! You call them all sorts of names; people will work their butts off and then you will say they are prostituting, calling others pimps, etc! I mean every success a female celeb chalks is from a certain sugar daddy? Herrrrrrrr, women are making real cash, building empires and wealth by simply working as hard as men.Listen, I understand some might have led certain lives before, but hey, can you cut them some slack? No! Can you”.

Mimi’s outburst comes after several female celebrities have been tagged as “prostitutes” because some sections of Ghanaians believe the wealth they flaunt does not come from the movies they Starr in all in the case of the musicians, the songs/shows they play.

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