Watch: Lilwin and Funny Face fight for supremacy with their cars and give out cash in recent beef


The beef between comedians/actors Funny Face and Nkansah Lilwin is far from over, it is only getting started.

After Lilwin called out organisers of the Ghana movie Awards for adjudging Funny Face as the “Favorite Actor’ for the year 2019, Funny Face launched a social media attack on the Kumawood actor, calling him “envious and miserable.”

Well, the attack from Funny Face got to Lilwin and the two have since been throwing “shades” at each other on social media.

Yesterday, Funny Face posted a video of him by his new car which he got from his bosom friend Emmanuel Adebayor and he was seen gifting a fan a wad of cash.

“ADEBAYOR mode activated ?? @e_adebayor ? .. when u see me in town holla at me .. make I make u chop block .. ?? call me #MRTALKandDO just like @e_adebayor .. TO GOD BE THE GLORY !! my #ELLAandBELLA?‍♀️ KASOA VANDAMME “ ei go over you “ the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT ..” he captioned the video.

Not long after he posted the video, Lilwin also made the same gesture with his newly acquired 2020 model Land Cruiser.

The Kumawood actor dashed a fan the sum of GHC 1000. 

“Your Secret is your Success. Given has been my Success from day one … Brilliant but needy boy story touched my heart today and gave out to him … God bless all cheerful givers … banger alert for 2020 #Funny,” he also captioned his video.

Watch Video below:

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