#AprilFoolsDay: Pappy Kojo ‘fooled’ fans to shave off their eyebrows for GHC 100 reward


On Monday, March 31st 2020, Ghanaian rapper, Pappy Kojo who is bored and under lockdown in Italy threw a challenge to his fans on social media to shave off their brows for a GHC 100 reward.

In a post on social media, Pappy shared a video of himself without eyebrows with the caption:

“Show me a video of your shaved eye brows at home and I go dash you 100 ghc.”

Fans jumped unto the challenge and Pappy sent monies to them even sharing photos of the payments he had made.

However, in a new video today, Pappy revealed that it was an April fools prank as his eyebrows were still intact. He also revealed that the GHC 2000 payments he made were fake.

“Happy April fools day , I go use the 2k buy ticket come Ghana when it’s over , so yea you can insult me now,” he captioned a photo of him on Instagram.

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