6 Ghanaian female celebrities who have been criticised heavily by Ghanaians


When it comes to the Ghanaian culture, women can never catch a break, and when you make it into the limelight, your every move is monitored and scored through the scornful eyes of fans and non-fans alike.

In a highly patriachal society such as the case of Ghana, the mere existence of a woman can be a nuisance to some men. It is either women are too sexy, not covered enough, too opinionated, and the list goes on.

One would think that in this ‘Age of Enlightenment’ and the freedom to live as one pleases, Ghanians will give open-mindedness a chance and embrace the

A lot of females in the entertainment industry (music and movies) have faced several backlash based on some of their life choices.

In this list, I have compiled names of female celebrities who have been ‘judged’ harshly by Ghanaians for their lifestyle.

  1. Suzzy Williams

Before her untimely death at the age of 23 in the year 2005, the late Suzzy Williams took Ghanians by storm in the film industry. After featuring in popular tv series Sun-City and other films including The sisterhood and Fresh Trouble, her choice of clothes and general lifestyle got the tongues of Ghanaians wagging. Some section of Ghanaians blamed her death on the lifestyle she was living at the moment.

2. Mzbel

Mzbel came into the music industry with a unique style- something Ghanaians were not used to at the time. Her controversial lyrics and unfiltered display of her sexuality caught the attention of many and also drew a lot of criticisms to her craft.

When news came out that she had been raped by students of KNUST a couple of years ago, her choice of outfit dominated the various discussions surrounding the incident.

Despite the harsh criticisms from Ghanaians, Mzbel stayed true to herself and continued releasing hits after hits. She has since taken a break from music and is focusing on other business ventures.

3. Ebony

Ebony will forever reign! Her personality, lifestyle and most importantly, her music will indelibly be inscribed on the minds of Ghanaians. Ebony’s talent was monitored so closely and her appearance criticised heavily.

Before she was killed instantly in a traffic collision on 8 February 2018 whilst returning from Sunyani to Accra after a visit to her mother,

4. Efia Odo

Efia Odo has been the subject of internet trolls since her rise to fame. The free-spirited actress who grew up in Brooklyn, New York has had the tongues of Ghanaians wagging with her choice of lifestyle. Every outfit she has ever worn and every move she has made has been received with a lot of backlash. The 26-year-old actress/TV host, although unperturbed about the comments from trolls,

5. Moesha Bodoung

Moesha Bodoung has had her fair share of backlash from Ghanaians. She has been criticised for getting her body done and for her personal lifestyle choices.

6. Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay hasn’t caught a break since her entry into the industry. Her entry into the music scene was a bit to early to some Ebony fans who felt it was too quick for her manager Bullet to bring a “replacement’ for the late singer. Based on this anger,

She too has been body shamed on so many occasions. Several unflattering photos of the singer has made it online which

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