How I found my beloved homemade oatmeal cookies in ‘Eat Clean Kitchen Gh’


Baking and eating homemade oatmeal cookies is my all time favourite, mostly because I consider it as one of the bonding moments between my sister Miriam and I since 2010.

While I enjoy baking/eating oatmeal cookies whenever I visit my host-family in the United States, I have never really gotten around to baking or even finding a store that serves them in Ghana.

That changed, however, after a very good friend of mine satisfied a craving and made an order of freshly baked homemade oatmeal cookies from “Eat Clean Kitchen in Accra.”

When he first messaged to ask how he could get them to me, I gave him my postal address because he lives outside of Ghana. I was however shocked when he stated that there was a kitchen in Ghana and they were going to deliver to me at home.

He stated that it was going to be delivered in 2hrs because the kitchen was now going to start baking. Low and behold, in exactly 2hrs I received a call that my order was on the way.

Ladies and gentlemen, my homemade oatmeal cookies were delivered to me hot and tasty. I loved the texture, the aroma and of course the option to use honey instead of sugar.

While I personally would have preferred for the oats to be in a minimal portion, I still enjoyed every bite of it.

The cookies were a hit in my household so I had to do the obvious and go look for “Eat Clean Kitchen” on Instagram.

“Eat Clean Kitchen” serves healthy, wholesome home-made snacks for you. And oh, for as little as 10 cedis, you get six pieces of freshly baked oatmeal cookies, sweet deal huh?

For people who are just keen about eating and staying healthy, try reaching out to them via 0555361201.

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