Free sanitary pads for 100 girls in Otabikrom D/A school- A GIJ PR boys Project


PR boys launch Let’s Pad them Project

The global burden of sexual reproduction and mental illness are high and opportunities for promoting sexual reproduction and mental health are neglected in most parts of the world.
Sexual reproductive health and mental health are fundamental to people’s health and survival, to economic development, and to the wellbeing of humanity.

Many people affected by mental illness live in developing countries, where treatment and care options are limited. Even though several decades of research have shown—and continue to show—the profound and measurable benefits of investment in sexual and reproductive health. The progress has been stymied because of weak political commitment, inadequate resources, persistent discrimination against women and girls, and an unwillingness to address issues related to sexuality and mental health openly and comprehensively.

It is in this spirit that PR Boys a communications organisation launched a project called Lets Pad Them Project so it can indirectly promote sexual reproduction and mental health by addressing its determinants, enhancing social unity and minimising discrimination.

This initiative aims at reducing the level of absenteeism among girls in rural areas by providing them with sanitary pads. The project will also educate these girls on sexual reproductive and mental health. The project targets about 5000 girls in 5years and will be providing for these girls yearly until they get to the age where they’re able to provide for themselves.

However, this year’s donation will be done on the 28th of May which is World Menstrual Health day and will target about 100 girls at Otabikrom D/A School in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa district in the central region of Ghana

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